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We are currently in prototyping-mode, and it feels great! We have been playing the game by using the sketchbook and cut-out bits of paper as inventory objects. It is a good method to get a feel for the game, where do people get stuck, what puzzles is only obvious to the developers and how long time does it take to play. We feel that our test subjects have responded in a positive manner and they are a little stunned actually (didn´t think we could produce something this good, did you? Well, sir, shame on you.)

Some of the puzzles is very hard to prototype with pen and paper, so the next step is to make rough playable prototypes of them. After this we will evaluate every piece and decide what is in and what is out.

We try to up the quality by a fair bit in this game, as progress is being made while reaching for the stars. Graphically we are already home safe and in the department of game-mechanics we think we are on the right track.

Pierre & Karl

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The authors (Pierre and Karl) create, play and review games in their spare time. Together they have started the game studio Peeking Peacock and slowly tries to claw themselves into the entertainment industry. With a couple of games now released, they hope to one day be able to work full time with game development.

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