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Published on April 26th, 2015 | by Pierre&Karl


The Forgotten Treasure – explore the desert and find the ancient treasure.



This is our latest game, a fun drag-n-drop adventure game with cartoonish graphics, animals and temples.

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Adventurer, are you ready? There is a forgotten treasure waiting for you somewhere in the world and it is your job to find it. Grab your trusted crowbar and explore both an ancient Egyptian pyramid and a desolate Mayan temple for clues.

The Forgotten Treasure is a fun drag-n-drop adventure game with cartoonish, razor-sharp graphics, interesting objects to interact with and nice sound-effects. There is a camel (and a couple of other animals), an obelisk, a mysterious stone, lots of sand, priceless urns and much more to poke around with. You have to use that brain of yours a little but most of all this game aims for an overall feeling of good old-fashioned fun.













This indie game is inspired by late Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, Tim Schafer & Ron Gilbert’s Monkey Island and Joe Kauffman’s The Lost City. It is produced by a small team of dedicated individuals who enjoy their coffee black and their mobile games unpretentious and fun.

About the Author

The authors (Pierre and Karl) create, play and review games in their spare time. Together they have started the game studio Peeking Peacock and slowly tries to claw themselves into the entertainment industry. With a couple of games now released, they hope to one day be able to work full time with game development.

2 Responses to The Forgotten Treasure – explore the desert and find the ancient treasure.

  1. RayLin Stephens says:

    I loved this game too! Found after Finding Gnomes!

    • Pierre&Karl says:

      Thanks! It is always nice to hear that you like our games.
      We have a new game in production – it will probably be out in the autumn sometime. It will be our best one yet I think.

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