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Walkthrough: The Forgotten Treasure

Have you got stuck? It can happen to anyone. Here is what you should do:


Before the pyramid.

Use crowbar on urn. Solve puzzel under the statue and get levers. Put levers in the slots on the right and left of the statue. Pull levers. Replace the broken lever with crowbar. Pull crowbar. Pick up the orb and the crowbar and the torch. Put the two stonepieces in the door to the pyramid. The second piece is found under the sphinx, use the crowbar to get it. Enter the pyramid.

Inside the pyramid.

Use the orb in the center top of the room. Walk right. Pick up the urn. Pick up matches and chewing gum from the oasis. Use crowbar on the crate and pickup dynamite. Use urn with the water. Go back to the first room and light the oil on fire. Use your torch and get a burning torch. Light up the dark room by placing it on the right side of the dark part. Pour water into the drain, get more water and do it again before the keystone has reached the bottom and the pussel is reset. Solve the puzzel, you have to find the right order.

Go back to the camel. Give the camel chewing gum, pick up chewed chewing gum. Go back to the pyramid and go left. Use chewing gum on the door. Use dynamite and then matches. Inside, light the oil and solve the puzzel. Press the corners if you get stuck, three corners will solve the puzzel rather fast.

Enter the main room and get transported to the jungle.


Pick up berrys from the bush. Use crowbar on the box outside of the tent. Pick up the disc. Use the disc on the door. Do not pick up the rope. If you have you have to use the rope so it falls down on the ground again. Use the crowbar on the rope when the rope is on the ground. Use your hook to get up from the room on the left side.


Go left and pick up a small key and a glass jar. Go back to the camp and use the small key to pick up an egg. Go to the termites and use the glass jar on the termites. Use the berries on the jar. Pick up jar with termites. Use the jar with termites on the tree that is blockin the right room. Go to the left room. Use the hook to descend into the hole. Pick up the spyglass and use it to look out in three different places to get your clues: 1, top left room, 2, room above the skeleton, 3, room with tree in it. Get up to the bird. Put the egg in the nest. Press the bird. Go down the stairs. Go up again. Now the bird is in the nest. Go down to the first room of the temple, you will now see the bird again. Go up to the nest and pick up a lizard from the hatched egg. Use the lizard in the top right room. The puzzel is three symbols (skull, snake, parrot). Go to the main pyramid in the temple that has now opened up. Press the gold markers until the locks give up. 3 touch right and 1 on the left should do it. Claim your prize.

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