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Walkthrough: The Man From Hmmbridge

Having a hard time with our new game The Man From Hmmbridge? Here is the solutions to beating the game:

On the Plane – Part1

Touch on the airplane door, pick up the Swiss army knife and drag the parachutes to the open door. Pick up apple with the blade from the apple sack. Use the combine interface in your inventory to combine the Swiss army knife white the blade. Use your Swiss army knife to cut the ropes that ties the piano. Drag the piano to the door to throw it out.

Find something handwritten from the principals office

Drag the teapot from the little table to the chairman’s tea cup on his desk. After the conversation go and pick up the book from the sofa. Inspect the book, this will give you a history book. Give the history book to the chairman. Touch the paintings. When the chairman turns around, steal the cigar. Give the cigar to the chef.

Pick up the flowers from the vase. Pick up the “Ms Smith” note from the trolley in the kitchen. Combine these two objects. Give the new “flowers with nametag” to the secretary. Give the secretarys romantic note to the chef.

Drag the vase down to the floor, making a wet puddle. Take flour from the kitchen and put it on the wet floor. Take the coffee cup from the secretary and put it on the now messy floor. Go tell the janitor about the accident.

Go in to the kitchen and use the food elevator to get access to the principal’s office. Search the bookshelves and the desk for the journal.

Investigate Professor Anderson and Professor Palin for proof of their involvement in Principle Hmmingway’s disappearance

Walk in to The Institute of Chemistry and you will find Professor Anderson. Watch the dialogue.

Go to the computer room and tap on the computer three time to jam it. When the student is occupied, steal one of his golf clubs. Use the golf club on the parking meter three times and collect the coins. Use the coins on the telephone boot to call for service. Go down to the lab with the elevator

Pick up the drycleaner receipt from the lab. Go to Professor Anderson’s office, collect all the chemicals and combine them and you will get a stinkbomb. Give the cabdriver the receip. Walk into the drycleaner and give him the receipt. Give him the stinkbomband then pick up the Hazmat suit.

Go to the pub and pick up the bellows. Go to the experiment lab. Combine the helm and the Hazmat suit to get the full Hazmat suit. Use it on the gas chamber. When inside use the bellows on the gas chamber to collect the gas. Go back to the pub and exchange the gas for the contract.

Get the student card in the pub. Give it to the librarian and the go into the library. Watch the dialogue between Professor Palin and the spy.

Go to Professor Anderson’s office and pick up a blue and a yellow tube of chemicals and combine them. Now you will get a heavy sedative drug. Go into the library and rearrange books in the three shelves. Talk to the librarian. When she has left her desk, pour the sedative in the coffee cup.

Get a beer from the bartender. Give the beer to the man who are throwing dart. Give him the coin and get more money. Use the money to buy a mystery box. Inspect the box and get the camera. Go down in the experiment lab and pick up the film for the camera. Combine film and camera. Go to the library and take a photo of the exam. Give the photo negatives to the student. After the student has left his desk you can go into Palin´s office.

Take the report from the typewriter.

Take the paper and the stamp from the bookshelf. Use the paper on the typewriter. Take the false report from the typewriter. Combine the report with the stamp. Go to the pub and give the fake report to the spy.

On the Plane: part 2

Drag the harpoon to the boat. Pick up the wallet and the hammer. Inspect the wallet to get the coin. Combine the coin and the hammer. Use the now flatted coin on the box. Tap the box to collect a bottle of olive oil. Use the olive oil on the cargo door. Tap on the door to open it.

Drag the parachutes and the fire extinguisher to the open door. Pick up the broken bottle and use it on the piano and the boxes in the back of the plane. Drag the piano and the boxes to the open door.

Find a way to signal for rescue and escape the Island

Explore the Island. Go to the temple  after the dialogue with Hmmingway and solve the puzzle on the door. From the starting position tap the upper switch five times, then the lower switch one time.

Take the fishing net from the shipwreck and use it on the snake in the tree. Pick up the trapped snake and use it on the lever in the Temple.

Pick up the clam on the beach and inspect it to collect a pearl. Use the pearl on the statue inside the temple.

Use the stones that are scattered around the island to find the right combination for the three pillars.

Right combination from top to bottom:

Left pillar: Skull, Snake, Lizard.

Center pillar: Skull, Lizard, Snake

Right: Flower, Snake, Skull


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