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Walkthrough: Helping Frankenstein

This is a walkthrough for our newest game Helping Frankenstein if you get stuck playing our game. Be warned, this is obviously full of spoilers. Do not use this unless you are utterly stuck. If you find something not working in the game, please send us a message somewhere (email, facebook, twitter and so on…). Have fun!



Pick up the scarf. Combine rope and scarf. Use extended rope on the tree. Wait for the mailman. Drag the letter to Igor. This is the end of the tutorial.



Part 1: Break out Frankenstein.

After the tutorial you are transported to the city and you get the dynamite in the inventory. Enter the prison and pick up the cheese. Use the cheese on the mouse. Talk to the salesman and get some elixir. Go to outside the sewers and pick up the matches. Go down the sewers and pick up the mouse-catcher. Go catch the mouse with the mouse-catcher and then go give the mouse to the alchemist. You will be given a power-growth potion in return. In his house you pick up the mortar. Go down to the saleswoman and talk to her with the eye symbol. Then talk to her about the carrots and last about the candy. Now you can give her the waterbottle and you get carrots in return. Use the growth-potion on the chili-bench and then take one of the chilis. Combine chilifruit and the mortar and get chilipowder. Combine the chilipowder with the carrots in order to get a chili-carrot. Give the horse a chili-carrot and it will race off. Now you can use the dynamite on the window and use the matches to light the fuse. This is the end of part 1.





Part 2: Find the notebook

You pick up a bucket with paint, a knife and a box in the laboratory. Inspect the box and you get a pair of scissors. Combine the knife and the paintbucket to get an open paint bucket. In the next room pick up a candle and a shovel. Outside you get a cutscene and then you enter the graveyard. Use the paint in the washbasin to make the water green. Go to the church and open the window in the room with the priest. Go back to the gravedigger and use the shovel on him. This will trigger a cutscene and you can now go back to the church and pick up the notebook. This is the end of part 2.




Part 3 and 4: Get a weather machine and a dead body.


First off we go get the machine. Go to the farm and use the scissors on the horse to get some hair. Now go to the city and to the prison. Pick up a sheet and a mug.

Go down in the sewers. Use the candle on the candle-stick holder and light it with the matches. Take the broken violin and combine the broken violin with the horse-hair to get a functional violin. Use the cup with the sewer-water to get a full cup. Go to the pub and use the full cup on the alchemist – making the bartender leave. Now you can take the gun. Give the violin to the woodcutter and you will get his axe. Return to the sewers and use the axe on the box and pick up an ornamental lightning rod. Go to the farm, press the machine to turn it off and use the lightning rod on the scarecrow. This will trigger a cutscene and end of part 3.


Now you go to the alchemists house and access the box in the middle of the room. After the puzzle is done you can press the box and you get a bag. Inspect the bag to get bag of gun-powder. Combine the gun powder with the gun to get a loaded gun. Go to the image outside Ms Frankensteins mansion and press the sheep in order to access the sheepherder. Use the loaded gun and Igor will fire it and scare the sheep away. Now you can talk to the sheepherder about the sheep (new symbol) and he will fall asleep. Use the scissors on the sheep to get wool. Combine the wool with the sheet in order to make a dummy doll. Use the dummy on the dead body lying on a cart in the image with the grave digger. This will trigger a cutscene and end of part 4.


Part 5: Final Experiment

Now you cannot leave the house. First you need to switch on the weather machine. After that you can access the lower part of the house and the two puzzles are now online. You need to solve both puzzles in the two adjacent rooms and then go back to Ms Frankenstein and flip the switch on the left side on the room. This will trigger the final experiment and the game is completed.






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The authors (Pierre and Karl) create, play and review games in their spare time. Together they have started the game studio Peeking Peacock and slowly tries to claw themselves into the entertainment industry. With a couple of games now released, they hope to one day be able to work full time with game development.

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