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Published on January 12th, 2014 | by Pierre&Karl

Finding Gnomes – solve the puzzles and save your friend.

Our latest game, Finding Gnomes, is a point and click adventure game currently released for iOS devices. It is a cute little game with puzzles, conversations and items to discover. You have to use your problem solving skills as well as your finger in order to beat this game.

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The graphics are realistic cartoonish and the characters you´ll meet include a frog, five different garden gnomes and (of course) an evil witch. Please take a look at the screenshots below.

screenshot3 kopia

screenshot4 kopia

screenshot2 kopia

We have also made a trailer (watch it below) and a walkthrough (if you get stuck). Both can be accessed in our Youtube channel.





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The authors (Pierre and Karl) create, play and review games in their spare time. Together they have started the game studio Peeking Peacock and slowly tries to claw themselves into the entertainment industry. With a couple of games now released, they hope to one day be able to work full time with game development.

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